cotton baby sandal

“Every mother wishes to give the BEST & UNIQUE to her child and

I am not an exception!”

When I became a mother first time in December 2013, something changed dramatically. One day I found myself surfing websites after websites for baby related info. Then I realized I have been doing this for quite some time, whenever I was getting some free time, morning, evening or even in the middle of night (you know those nights when it feels like whole world is sleeping and you are constantly awake to feed your baby); in fact I was looking for baby products everywhere and anywhere possible!

I had found really good brands and shops for quality clothes and hygienic foods but something was missing. I could not find a single place for baby bootees. I was looking for cute, beautiful as well as high quality bootees, but all places disappointed me with mass produced, cheap quality, made-in-china products.

I wanted something very soft, gentle on her feet and more importantly safe for her health.  I wanted cool, more open cotton sandals in summer and warm, cozy wool boots for winter. I wanted vibrant colors to match with her clothes for those unexpected photo-shoots which happens a lot especially in first year of baby’s life.

But unfortunately, contrary to that, all the products I was finding were made of hard Rexine or toxic plastic with non-secured tiny stuffs attached which you don’t know when will come out and your baby will put it in the mouth.

I would rather prefer to keep my baby’s foot bare than to torture her with such unhealthy stuff and that’s what I did with my first daughter. I didn’t buy her shoes till she was an year old (that too I had to force myself to buy something for her very first birthday celebration).

So when we were expecting our second kid, I didn’t want same thing to happen. I decided to make own bootees! I loved making those tiny sandals and shoes so I kept on making more and more. I made so many that ultimately I had to start selling them to make more. 🙂

I really enjoy making baby bootees so I can assure you that every one of my creations is made with lots of love and joy, care and warmth and attention to the smallest details…

If you want to learn more about making of bootees or about me, click HERE!