Hi Friends,

I am Sheetal, a passionate soul about handmade and creative stuffs. Growing up with my hooks and needles, I always thought about innovations that would enhance my crochet and knitting experience.

After our first daughter’s birth, I decided to be a stay at home mom and started my first blog Creatively made-in Home to share whatever I was crafting. But soon I realized that there is not much of resources available in Bahrain for crocheters and knitters. It was very difficult to get good brand yarn or hook and needles. Born and bred in India, I had used both branded and non-branded crochet and knitting tools, so I knew the difference in experience and final outcome of the products made with good quality supplies.

I tried, tried, tried and tried many options to get them from all available sources but it was very time and money consuming. And that is when I thought let me start One stop for high quality branded crochet and knitting supplies- an easy to access online store. I hope this store will help craft lovers in Bahrain to get good quality supplies to cherish their passion.

About My Crochet & Knitting Supplies-

Every expert crocheter / knitter knows the value of branded supplies. We spend so much of our time and efforts in our craft which can totally go waste if we choose bad quality products to make. The joy of seeing good quality finished craft product starts with the selecting quality supplies. Bahrain Craft Store helps you to get good quality branded products to make your crafting journey and finished products beautiful.

I’m on a mission to become the leading experts in the best quality crochet / knitting supplies.