My bootees

Hi friends,

I am Sheetal, a crazy creative designer. I’ve been crocheting, knitting and crafting for as long as I can remember.

I had a very bad experience of not finding beautiful as well as good quality bootees for my first daughter, if you are interested you can read more about it HERE, so when we were expecting our second kid, I was determined to make own bootees! So, I started making bootees with other crocheter’s patterns. They were so cute and adorable that I got sort of addicted and kept making more and more.

My interest grew and as I said crazy creative designer, I can’t follow someone else’s design for long time, even when I am following, I keep adding my own style to it. So ultimately I started designing my own things, in my own way. I did a lot of hard work to understand standard baby foot sizes, different techniques to give various shapes and trying to keep it as easy as possible for mommies to put them on those constantly moving naughty tiny feet.

My main goal was to make cute, beautiful bootees but to keep them away from any unsafe attachments (being a mom I know, those tiny adventurous hands always keep hunting for new things to put in the mouth).

So, now I can proudly say, I am specialize in creating cute, beautiful, soft and high quality baby booties.

About My Bootees-

They are unique and you will not find them anywhere else!

You can buy them for your little sweetheart or can gift them to someone very special in your life.

Thousands of stitches are handcrafted passionately with love and care for making each bootee. All fibers and materials are carefully handpicked, to ensure a heirloom quality product. All the bootees are made with lots of love and joy, care and warmth and attention to the smallest details.

They are not just cute, pretty bootees, but they will be keepsakes, a treasure to a mommy with full of memories.

Why I Do?

My mission is to use my god gifted talent to help make a mama feel happy and smile to see her baby’s tiny feet with cute bootees. I try to give a source to granny, grandpa, uncle and aunt to show their love and affection towards this newest member of the family.

I adore being a small part of your beautiful story!

I feel so grateful for the wonderful opportunity I have to reach out and share my creations with you, because you have the nature’s precious creation- a baby!

From my hands to yours, with love- That is a promise!